American Eagle

Patriotic Eagle Quilt

I was thrilled when Barbara brought this quilt in to be finished!  I love anything patriotic, and this was a true original! It's based on a Lone Star quilt, with the different areas being changed to suit the design of the eagle in the center section.  Barbara took it a step further though, and added her own ideas for the borders.  Using her embroidery software, she added lettering in the large outer border, and also appliqued swags.


I love the circle of stars that she designed!


And the back is striking too, because we decided to use various colors to match the stitching on the front:

All of the pictures are below.  Make sure to "open" them by clicking on each one, and then clicking again, so that you can make them larger and see all of the detail.

Celebrating Labor Day!

It was an honor and a privilege to make this quilt! Measuring 55 by 48, it’s a contemporary version of the American flag.  There's nothing better than this quilt to honor a veteran. The pattern is available in our store and you can even request that your quilt be done just like this one --- including all of the words to the Pledge of Allegiance in the white stripes of the flag.

Patriotic... and Proud!

Now available as a pattern for you to download today!Order the quilt pattern here!

It was an honor and a privilege to complete this quilt! Measuring 55 by 48, it's a contemporary version of the American flag. You can see by the close-up picture of the square section, the detail of the eagle that is quilted with a circle of stars surrounding him.

Inside of all of the white stripes, there is lettering for the entire Pledge of Allegiance. Inside the red stripes, you will find quilted stars.

To highlight the area that traditionally has a blue background, you will find a blue and white checkerboard. This left the center square available to the light shade of gold that features the eagle. This is a very quick quilt to make, and is a wonderful gift for someone who is very patriotic and proud. Order the pattern here.

Annette Williams entered her quilt, and won first place! (See picture below). Congratulations, Annette!

Congratulations, Annette!