Embroidery contest at Urban Threads!

The premise was simple, and a really great idea! Everyone who wanted to enter could download a free embroidery design, and it was up to us how we wanted to color it. I stitched mine on off-white fabric with copper colored thread. I know, I know..... everyone does these things in black and white, right? But since when do I do anything "the right way"?

Between now and May 10th, you can vote for my entry at Urban Threads.

Then, I started painting it, and painting it, and then painting it some more. When it was all finished, I mounted it on the quilt machine and added outlines around all of the elements, and a ton of tiny stippling around the outside area. 

If you aren't too busy right now, I hope you will have time to vote for me at Urban Threads.

Here is how my finished project turned out, and I had soooo much fun doing it!

Please head on over to Urban Threads and cast your vote.... I really appreciate it!