Coffee Break

OK, I'll admit it.... I am a coffee-holic. I drink at least two pots of "leaded" coffee every day. I consider myself a professional (kids, don't try this at home!). Drinking this much coffee allows me to thread a sewing machine while the needle is going up and down -- truly my best skill!

In a moment of serendipity, I spotted some Debbie Mumm fabric with coffee (or maybe tea?) cups on it, and it was in the perfect colors to coordinate with my kitchen. The fabric followed me home from the fabric store, and I set it aside thinking that I would use it for placemats, or a table runner, or...... I had no idea.

Then, I spotted some coffee designs over at Urban Threads, and an idea just JUMPED together in my head. Must be from drinking so much coffee......

Since I LOVE to combine quilting and embroidery, I knew just what I wanted to do!


 I chose my three favorite designs from the Coffee Break Collection and started stitching. By the time I assembled the wall-hanging, I was on my third pot of coffee (just kidding)! I just love the way this turned out. All of the coffee really helped when it came to doing the tiny stitching though...

Adding borders made a nice difference, and was something that just sort of happened.


Here are my three favorite designs from the collection --- enjoy! Coffee lovers unite!