Machine Applique

Machine embroidery is shown on this quilt in two different ways. I digitized the appliqué designs, and used a blanket stitch for the edges. I wanted the soft look that blanket stitches can give over time, with just a touch of fraying through the stitches. This quilt was for my daughter's sixteenth birthday -- I can't believe it's been 4 years ago already!

You can use any of your existing appliqué designs if you have the digitizing software to enable you to change the satin stitches along the outer edge to a blanket stitch. As I mentioned, the edges will fray just a tiny bit over time, but that adds a soft look to the quilt.

For the lettering, I embroidered on the white fabric before I assembled the quilt. All of the bobbin thread from the embroidery and the appliqué is hidden inside of the quilt layers.

This little lap quilt has seen a lot of hugging over the past four years, but it just gets better with age.