Art and Stitch Designer Software PLUS for Quilting and Embroidery

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Art and Stitch Designer Software PLUS for Quilting and Embroidery

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In addition to creating designs for longarm quilting systems, this PLUS version includes everything in the BASE version – and so much more! You can create cutwork, lace, hardanger, Battenberg lace, text and monogramming, multiple angle fills for embroidery, fancy fills, cross stitch designs, and more. As with the Base version, classes are available.

Magic Cutwork. The world’s first digitizing tool to create Richelieu type cutwork designs with a few mouse clicks! No special needles required. It is as easy as selecting your artwork, clicking on this button, setting the "bridges" and pressing Enter. We have optimized all settings for the most used embroidery thread, 40 wt, but all settings can be changed in Properties Panel, tab Richelieu Cutwork, if you wish. This same function can be used to create Reverse Applique (for example to create "Mola" designs). 

Magic Lace. Our second flagship function and again a world’s first! Select a closed shape and click on the Magic Lace button. It will turn it into several layers with a continuous underlay that will form the netting, the base of your freestanding lace. In the Lace dialog window you can add an embellishment from the Library. Afterwards all layers can be changed if you wish in Properties Panel, to give you optimal control. 

Magic Hardanger: another flagship / world's first! A Hardanger tool that lets you easily create hardanger cutwork designs with the typical open corners. Exercises are included in the Library so you can create your first Hardanger design in 10 minutes. Warning: addictive! 

Battenburg Lace. Stitch on water soluble stabilizer only. Creates "ribbon" lace. Exercises and artwork included. Beautiful! 

Auto-Stitch Wizard. Creates a vector based design on the basis of a good (solid colored) bitmap. Vector based means editable with the Reshape tool! 

Text / Lettering. Create text objects using one of the 41 digitized fonts included in the Embroidery Module, or convert True Type Fonts into text. After clicking on the Text tool, typing, choosing a font and clicking on Apply easy controls let you move, resize, rotate individual letters and allow you to stretch and curve the text object. 

Text effects. With several Envelope effects in the right-click menu you can be very creative with text. 

Text on path. Simply fun to use and even more fun is to create your own paths!  

Monogramming. Two different Monogram styles are included and the Embroidery Manual will show extra creative monogramming methods. 12 beautiful monogram styles added, some of which are complete embroidery designs. 

Quilt Labels. Ready made labels in the Library and the wonderful text functions let you make quilt labels with ease. 

Multiple Angle Fill. With this tool you can set various stitch directions in one object (Select an object, take this tool, click and drag in the desired angles, then press Enter to apply) so that the stitches follow the shape of the object: a "column digitizing" result without the hassle of column digitizing.

By ticking the box "Contour" in Properties Panel, tab Fill Direction, the stitches will follow the contour of the shape, resulting in a different effect. 

Fur. "Jagged Edge" settings to create furry designs in seconds. 

Color Blend Fill. To create shading effects in a selected object by blending two colors. In Properties Panel, tab Gradient, you can choose different shading effects. With this tool you can set multiple angles at the same time. 

Fancy Fill / Embossing. Applying this Fill to your selected closed shape will give an embossing effect. Over 300 industry standard fancy fills are included and you can create your own too. You can even apply a gradient in a Fancy Fill. 

Spiral Fill. A very special effect! Select a closed shape and take this Spiral Fill tool, set the angles and press Enter. This effect, although only available in the Embroidery Module, is also great for longarm quilters by simply saving it in one of the longarm quilt formats. 

Magic Cross Stitch. Cross Stitch is so much fun and it adds another dimension to machine embroidery. With the Magic Cross Stitch tool you "fill" selected closed shapes with cross stitches. Choose the number of repeats and the size of the crosses. In menu Tools you will find the Cross Stitch Wizard: another way to create cross stitch designs, by converting an image into cross stitches. 

Split Wizard. A quick way to split designs that are too big for the sewing field of your embroidery machine into multiple designs. Automatically added basting lines make rehooping a breeze. 

Create custom thread chart. Make your own color palette, for example using the thread colors you actually own.