baby food

Are you ever too tired to quilt?

Everyday, people ask me "How do you do it?" Since I have been using the Vitamix, I have lots of energy and I know that I am doing the best I can for my body every day. My joint pain is gone, and I can stand for 12 hours on a concrete floor without feeling any muscle pain! I've decided to endorse Vitamix, and become an affiliate for the company, because I feel very strongly about the nutritional benefits of the product and what it can do for people's health.


The Department of Health suggests 9 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Sure, you could have a V-8 ..... but why not go with a more natural and healthful approach? I wanted to escape the preservatives that are found in so many foods these days, but I don't have time (or patience!) to nibble on carrots and lettuce. Diets like that remind me of eating rabbit food, and no one tends to have the discipline necessary to stick with that type of food for very long.


Did you know that all of those itty-bitty seeds on the outside of a strawberry contain pytochemicals? That's where all the nutrition is hiding. Just chewing a strawberry doesn't release those phytochemicals into your system because your teeth just aren't powerful enough to break apart all of those tiny seeds -- but the Vitamix has the power to do it! My goal is to squeeze all of the healthy ingredients out of my food, and to be able to do it quickly. Oh --- and I want it to taste good too!

I like to start my day with an Emerald Green Smoothie. It has pineapple, grapes, oranges, and spinach in it --- yum! And the preparation is easier than you would expect. One slice of fresh pineapple is all you need, and you don't even need to remove the core! (There's nutition hiding in that core, just like inside of the strawberry seeds!) Toss in handful of grapes, and don't even worry about using seedless ones --- starting to see the nutritional value AND the convenience? Just remove most of the outer peel on the orange, but don't get rid of all of the white portion -- yes, there's more nutrtion there too! Toss in a handful of fresh spinach leaves and a few ice cubes and flip the switch. Breakfast is ready in 30 seconds, and you can take it in the car with you. Or, another fast breakfast idea is too put cereal, fruit, milk, and yogurt into the Vitamix! That's much faster than eating a bowl of cereal and a container of yogurt, and it's healthy too! If you use fish oil, garlic pills, daily aspirin, or any other daily supplements, just throw them in the Vitamix with your breakfast and you'll never notice the taste!

At lunch time, you'll find me making quick soup with the Vitamix. I warm a cup of chicken broth in the microwave, then pour it into the Vitamix. Then I add tomatoes, celery, carrots, peppers, mushrooms --- anything I find in the fridge! Sometimes I add left-over chicken from last night's dinner! Two minutes later, I have steaming hot soup --- and I didn't even have to dirty any pots or pans!


You can create the most healthy baby food possible, quickly and easily. With the rise of childhood diabetes, we all need to be creative in making healthy foods for our children. You can grind whole wheat berries, and knead dough for bread, all in the same container! You can also grind coffee beans, make your own peanut butter, make gravies and sauces without any lumps, and whip up a wonderful salsa in seconds flat! Check out the recipes -- they're amazing!

And clean up time? I add a speck of dishwashing liquid and some warm water to my Vitamix, and then flip in on for about ten seconds. Rinse and done. That's all there is to it. Really!

Talk about talent! No other kitchen appliance can give you the performance, speed, power, durability, reliability—not to mention health-enhancing benefits—that you get with the Vitamix 5200. This extraordinary machine does the work of 10 kitchen appliances with no attachments! It takes on over 50 “food feats”, including four unique processes that no other single kitchen appliance can handle. The Vitamix 5200 makes juice from whole foods in a minute, cooks soup from scratch without a stove, makes delicious, healthy ice-cream in 30 seconds and even grinds grain and kneads the dough for you in one five-minute operation. And that’s just for starters. Check this page to see all of the "food feats".

With a thirty day no risk in-home trial, you can be assured of your satisfaction. NoRisk2_small

And with a 7 year warranty, you will have peace of mind for a long time.


The Vitamix website has lots of testimonials from folks who had health issues, and are now feeling great! You can even read up on weight loss! Be sure to use my affiliate code to buy this machine so you can get FREE SHIPPING in the United States or Canada!