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The inspiration for this site came from getting together with talented digitizers, quilters, and machine-embroiderers. Countless hours have been spent discussing how it was in the good old days‚ when people had more time to sew and quilt heirlooms for their families. With all of the demands of life today, that desire to create keepsakes is still within us. In spite of all of the burdens of our busy days, we long to create.

With the arrival of computers, who could have predicted how it would change the sewing machine? Today, there are embroidery machines that enable us to create the most breath-taking designs in just moments. The introduction of machine quilting to home sewers has changed the face of the designing process, too.

We created this site for people who love to spend their time embroidering and quilting. The mission is to provide quilt and embroidery inspiration to you, and a range of interesting products including embroidery blanks, complete quilts, recommendations for good books to read…..and a place to sit and drink your coffee.


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