Getting an idea of the cost.....


You can get a basic idea of the cost by multiplying the number of square inches in your quilt top by the following category prices.

First, you will need to choose a style of quilting that you will enjoy. You may want to read this article to help you choose a quilting style.

Look at the samples below, and you will see a starting price for each category. This will give you an idea of the final cost, but does not include extra items that are available such as hand-binding, labels, embroidery.... and more.

Quilt Style 1

This is an over-all design, extending from top to bottom and side to side.

Starting price $0.02 cents per square inch

Quilt Style 2

This style has the same pattern thoughout the center section, but different border treatments. You can have as many border styles as you would like!

Starting price $0.03 cents per square inch

Quilt Style 3

Each block has a separate design, and the border areas feature a coordinating style to the blocks.

Starting price $0.04 cents per square inch

Quilt Style 4

If your quilt features applique or embroidery, you may want to have small stippling surrounding the areas to highlight your work. Also, if your borders are "piano key", you may want a special design in each key.

Price will vary, call today for an estimate.

Quilt Style 5

This style of quilting combines lots of stitch in the ditch, cross-hatching, outlining, and even hand-stitching!

Price will vary, call today for an estimate.

Quilt Style 6

Wholecloth quilts are beautiful, and require very little work for you to prepare! Let the designs be the highlight on a beautiful sateen or suede!

Price will vary, call today for an estimate.

Binding Options

The last step in finishing a quilt is to add the binding. If this is a step that you don't enjoy, let us handle it for you! The first thing you need to know is how long your binding needs to be. Add the total measurement of all four sides of your quilt. Then, add eight inches to this calculation to allow for overlapping the ends to finish the final miter.


Choose from the two binding methods below:

Method One

Method one involves sending along your binding cut to size, folded, and starched. We will sew in on to the entire front of the quilt, trim away all excess batting and backing fabric, and create your corner miters for you. You can enjoy stitching the binding to the back of the quilt.


Method Two

Method two involves including sufficient fabric for us to create the binding for you. We do all of the cutting, piecing, ironing, starching, attaching ---- and even the hand stitches on the back! Your quilt is complete when it is returned to you!